Title[Book] Enjoy Science with STEAM


1. Amplifying sound to call for help

2. Informing others of your location for rescue

3. Trapping rainwater for your survival

4. Telling the direction in the wilderness

5. Saving a friend from drowning with your own device

6. Making a space blanket to protect your body

7. Junior servivalist

8. How to control the most dangerous animals to human beings:mosquitoes

9. How animals survive

10. Special partnerships between animals and plants

11. Making a miraculous Warka to catch water from the sky

12. Making a solar light bulb

13. Desingning an earthquake-resistant building

14. Gathering water from the air

15. Detecting radio waves

16. The survivalist's outdoor kitchenware

17. Staying dry in the rain

18. Surviving on Mars

19. The eco-friendly diet of the future

20. Designing your own disaster-proof home

21. Securing water for your survival